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Permanent Beard Removal by Electrolysis

Beards can be sculpted, partially removed, or removed completely. Permanent beard removal by electrolysis is a satisfying, worthwhile process, however, it is a large project that requires patience and commitment to achieve the desired result. One of the most important factors is to make sure you have the time and can afford to see the process through to completion so you will not be disappointed. Many high-density full beards (lip, cheeks, chin, and neck) take an average (not minimum/maximum) of 100-150 treatment hours. The Accelerated Plan©  will take an average (not maximum) of 24 months to complete (the Treat-and-Advance Plan©  will take longer). Factors that affect the total number of treatment hours include hair density (number of hairs per square centimeter) and the total size of the area to be treated. A person with a full beard that wraps around the sides of the neck with high hair density will require more treatment hours than someone with a smaller beard and low hair density. The size of a person's head can also be a factor. Most beard treatments are one hour in length or more. Treatments one hour or over must be prepaid before your appointment can be scheduled and confirmed.

There are two ways to approach full-beard removal by electrolysis

The Accelerated Plan© and the Treat-and-Advance Plan©

The Accelerated Plan©  requires more treatment time and upfront cost to complete the initial clearing  (not completion) of your entire beard over a span of several weeks. After the initial clearing, you will need maintenance treatments of one to several hours each week for several months. If you follow the recommended treatment program, you should be finished within the average (not maximum) time frame of 24 months. Some clients are finished sooner, while others take longer.

The Treat-and-Advance Plan©  involves treating a small or limited area and gradually moving into a new area once the previous area begins to clear up. You will continue to shave untreated areas until such time treatments are started in those areas. The number of treatment hours and the total cost to complete a full beard is the same, as the Treat-and-Advance-Plan©, however, it will take longer to finish compared with The Accelerated Plan©.


Prep for beard electrolysis


1. Do not shave at least 3-days prior to your appointment (beard hair needs to be at least two millimeters in length).

2. Arrive for your appointment with clean skin (no makeup, lotion, oil, vitamin E, creams, etc.)

3. No caffeine including tea or soft drinks the day of your appointment.

4. Leave for your appointment in plenty of time so you won't be rushed. 

5. Have a small snack or meal before your appointment. You will be more relaxed.

6. Do not use a home light-based (IPL) hair removal system in the treatment area.

7.  Do not tweeze, wax, or thread the area to be treated.

8. Get plenty of rest the night before your appointment.





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