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Electrolysis Before and After

Electrolysis Questions and Answers

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a safe, time-tested method of permanent hair removal. A fine sterile disposable filament is inserted into each hair follicle followed by a brief application of high-frequency, galvanic, or blended currents. The hair detaches from the damaged follicle and is extracted by the electrologist. Electrolysis is efficient and the only method of permanent hair removal.


What method/s of electrolysis do you use?

We offer all three methods of electrolysis including numerous sub-techniques, however, our specialty is the Hinkel Blend method. The blend method, invented by Henri E. St. Pierre a San Francisco electrologist, and perfected by Arthur R. Hinkel a Professional Electrical Engineer is highly effective in killing deep coarse hair. When a client has a large volume of hair and speed is a priority, flash thermolysis is often recommended. 


What kind of equipment do you use?

Our choice of state-of-the-art equipment includes the super-advanced Elite Spectrum Model-K blend epilator manufactured by The Instantron Company in Providence, Rhode Island. Our backup machine is the Electro-Blend UC-3 Plus manufactured by A. R. Hinkel (now R. A. Fischer) in Los Angeles. The Instantron Company has been in business longer than any electrolysis equipment manufacturer in the world and the Hinkel Company co-invented the blend method of electrolysis.


How long will it take to finish?

Electrolysis is a PRESCRIBED TREATMENT PROGRAM that takes an AVERAGE (not minimum or maximum) of 18 months to finish. Some clients will finish up sooner. Others will take longer. Most full beards will take a minimum of 24 months to complete. It can also take an AVERAGE of 3-6 months of recommended treatments before a reduction in hair growth becomes noticeable. UNLESS THE PRESCRIBED TREATMENT PROGRAM IS FOLLOWED, PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL WILL BE LIMITED, COULD TAKE LONGER TO COMPLETE, OR MIGHT NOT BE ACHIEVED AT ALL.  In the beginning, treatments are longer in duration and more frequent. Over time, treatments will shrink in duration and will be spaced further and further apart until the hair problem is gone. 


What will my skin look like after a treatment?

It is normal for the skin to sometimes (but not always) look red and irritated for a few minutes to a few days, but this is only temporary. Some clients might experience mild soreness and temporary hyperpigmentation. 


Why do I have so much unwanted hair?

Excess hair in women (especially in male pattern areas, chin, lip, etc.) can be caused by normal physiological changes such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. It can also be caused by genetics and medical disorders like PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), thyroid disorders, hormone imbalance, high testosterone, insulin resistance, and certain medications including cortisone, contraceptives, and testosterone therapy. Hormonal influences and how they affect the electrolysis process can best be described as follows: Imagine trying to empty a swimming pool with a drinking glass. This is the electrolysis process for female clients with hormonally induced hair. Slowly you make headway, one glass at a time. At some point you realize, a trickster with a garden hose is on the other side of the pool. These are hormones, and they will continue to add water (hair) to the swimming pool as long as you let it. So you make the trickster leave and shut off the hose. This is the equivalent of losing weight and taking care of your health. You continue to empty your glass and slowly make progress. Eventually, you succeed. Eventually, the pool is empty. Hormonal influences are along the same lines. If you do not stop the flow of water from the hose, the pool will continue to fill up, but removing the trickster only made the water level stop rising, you still have to empty the pool but with persistence and determination, you can now accomplish it. PCOS and the hormonal influences it brings are very much like that. They are constantly adding to the pool of hair until you remove them (the trickster) by taking care of your health. The hair on your face stays growing until you remove it with the drinking glass (electrolysis). Eventually, you will destroy all the hair. PCOS sufferers generally have a longer go of it. They are among the longest cases. But take care of the hormonal issue and take care of the hair, and you will get there. Unfortunately, missing either of these steps can lead to a long process. You cant begin making reasonable headway on the hair until you remove the cause, the trickster.


What about hair removal devices advertised for home use?

For safety reasons, all home hair removal devices are intentionally underpowered and therefore only offer temporary hair removal.



Electrology: The field of permanent hair removal using high-frequency and/or galvanic current

Electrolysis: The process of permanent hair removal using high-frequency and/or galvanic current.

Electrologist: Electrolysis technician.

Epilator: Electrolysis machine

Follicle: The opening or pore from which hair grows.

Pili-Multigemini: A single follicle from which multiple hairs grow







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